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The War is one of the most significant events that happened in Litvantar. It was thanks to this war that Syrellia lost all of its history records, and how the Empire of Melssentenia lost all of its glory and power, and was rebuilt as the Melssentenian Republic. This was the war where Faros Empire and Melssentenia battled fiercely...and where the Empire of Melssentenia had fallen.

Not much is known about the war apart from documents written by the historians of the Neruthis Empire, apart from the main event. These documents have been condensed by the Public Archivist for inserting into the Tome into a list of important facts.

  • The last Emperor of Melssentenia was Emperor Eldin Xhiann (Xhiann XI). He was defeated after a long, hard duel with Emperor Ossahn Marfath (Marfath XXI) of Faros during the Battle of Cae'Jahr, and died of his wounds several days later.
  • The dragon demons that served the Empire disappeared several days prior to the beginning of the war. Other than speculation that they returned to where they came from as they were a neutral race. They have never been seen since.
  • The war occurred about two thousand years ago, making the Republic the youngest government on Eduria. However, the three Empires (Neruthis, Melssentenia and Faros) are the oldest civilisations in Litvantar.
  • Melssentenia's allies were the Kingdom of Dulhan and the Neruthis Empire - however, Faros was clever enough to block off their help by occupying the two Guardian Towers T'zraa and Qu'Lid that guard the borders of the Empire, and eventually take Melssentenia down.
  • After the war, Emperor Marfath XXI withdrew his troops, leaving Melssentenia to crumble. In a move of desperation, the survivors decided to use a new form of government that had been established on the Mindaladiss Archipelago - the republic system.
  • The first President of the Republic was the one who rebuilt Melssentenia, much to the disgust of Emperor Daelhan (Marfath XXII), the next Emperor in the Marfath lineage and son of Ossahn.
  • Faros Empire has not attempted to attack Melssentenia again, most likely because the Empire of Morrigane had been established, and became a strong ally of Melssentenia.
  • No one seems to know why war was declared, or who declared war on who first. Originally all signs seem to point to Faros as the instigator, but some records seem to be hinting that Melssentenia had something to do with the cause. Either way, perhaps it is only a matter of time before we discover the reason - or perhaps never discover it at all.

The TruthEdit

Revealed by Emperor Marfath XXIII, and fleshed out post-Second Chapter, the details of the War of Eduria as such.



Mayonne, for naming the Towers and the Emperors' Duel.