The calendar is only for storytelling purposes and is optional. Faction members do not have to be obliged to follow the calendar.

The Alzhorian CalendarEdit

It is unknown as to when the great astrologer and prophet,the centaur Alzhor, designed the calendar, but it is suggested around the year 103. It was accepted by the entire city long before the factions came into being, and therefore despite the differences in all three factions, we still use the same calendar.

It should be noted that Litvantar has two natural satellites - the moons Evendis and Aurola - and the Alzhorian calendar is based on the two. Two full moons occur each month, as both moons move at different speeds.

Litvantar has a variety of stars, but the closest one is Yvona. It is this star that is also Litvantar's sun.

In Magicka Versus, Aurola and Yvona are sisters who keep the balance of day and night in check, and Evendis is their brother, who keeps the seasons in check. The Moon Wardens pay tribute to all three at every full moon and every solstice.

The Alzhorian calendar is similar to the Gergorian calendar - in fact, it mirrors the Gregorian calendar. Some holidays found in the Alzhorian calendar are similar to Earth's as well.

Each of the twelve months in Litvantar have been named after a star constellation that appears in that month. For example, the Audoulia constellation appears in the night sky in the beginning of the year and remains so for 31 days.


  • 2009 - 1203
  • 2010 - 1204
  • 2011 - 1205
  • 2012 - 1206


  • January - Audoulia
  • February - Oruphe
  • March - Lerund
  • April - Isoth
  • May - Urdiran
  • June - Praeon
  • July - Eparynne
  • August - Nyathar
  • September - Baeltiran
  • October - Defaran
  • November - Hephyna
  • December - Thodoris


Generally many reports and logs are dated as such

the 5th day of Urdiran in the year 1203

but because of the lengthiness, people shorten it to

05 Urd 1203

where only the first three letters of the month name is recorded.

Important DatesEdit

Throughout the year, we will gradually discover what dates are important, and what holidays each district celebrates. They may or may not be similar to Earth holidays. Holidays and important dates will be determined by the faction leaders only.

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