Hi members, welcome to the new Wiki! You've most likely had a little peruse already just to see what it has compared to the old one. I'm glad to say that thanks to the editing features of the Wikia system, it's much easier to add articles for me (and easier to read for you because it's got proper subheadings and lovely uncluttered text).

Adding articles to the Wiki is members-only and easy. You do not have to sign up with a Wikia account, although if you want to help out I'm not stopping you :) I'd be glad to have more hands on board.

Submitting articles to the WikiEdit

All the non-founder articles in the Wiki need to be approved of first. All you have to do is note me on dA or submit it to my ask box on tumblr. I do need your name on dA as article submitting is members-only.

Helping out on the WikiEdit

If you want to help out in writing or art, or helping to submit stuff to the wiki, just note me when you've made an account on the Wikia. It's just so that I know who's in the Wiki as well, and I don't get shocked by a random phantom editor lol.

And that should be pretty much it. Enjoy your reading. C:

Arcturus17 13:11, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

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