Litvantar is the world in which all events in Syrellia take place. It is a massive world, full of mysteries and danger just as much as any other fantasy world out there, and has many different races.

The world is so huge that there are four regions, each one with its own set of continents, islands and countries.

Antramar RegionEdit

The Antramar Region is located completely underwater. Due to a massive catastrophe that occurred in the young days of Litvantar, the sea level rose and flooded many of the old land masses, giving rise to the current regions we see today. The land masses in Antramar were completely submerged, but this didn't stop aquatic races from inhabiting them.

The regions on either side are Demeri and Semara.

Garydi RegionEdit

Garydi is known for its precious stones and gems. However, it's also mostly desert in the middle. Only the hardiest of races live here.

The regions that flank it are Semara and Demeri.

Demeri RegionEdit

The Demeri region has lain completely uninhabitable for many years. It is a hostile place where people come to visit and prospect, but never to live and stay in. It is said to have the highest concentration of raw magic, which is probably the reason why it is so inhospitable.

The regions that flank it are Garydi and Antramar.

Semara RegionEdit

The Semara Region is the only region that is focused on in Syrellia. This is where the continents Alkanar, Mindaladiss, Rinmoria, Eduria, Leukhos and Sylenndor exist, and the most inhabited.

The regions that flank it are Antramar and Garydi.