The judiciary system is simply a fancy name for the system of courts that applies the law in the name of a sovereign or state - in this case, for Syrellia as well. In Syrellia, the law system is often ridiculed by larger civilizations because of its size and simplicity - however, what many don't know is that the judiciary system in Syrellia, known as karukol, only serves for the city/country itself. The judiciary system of the Melssentenian Republic is based in the city of Meharrim.

There, all crimes too large for Syrellia itself to handle or are not Syrellia-based are given their due in the Imperial Crown Court. Due to the lack of trustworthy individuals and the high rivalry between the districts, the main court in Sinkamma remains unused to this day. Instead, each district now has its separate court. Again, due to the lack of professionals qualified to work in the courts, hearings are often overseen by a small jury, and a team of carefully selected, anonymous magistrates in each court, and the leader of the faction belonging to their respective district as the judge.

In Syrellia, the judge - that is, the faction leaders - has the final say in every case. They make their decisions based on what they have heard, seen, and know, and what the jury and the magistrates think after hearing the witnesses and the defendant.