The Syrellian Armed Forces (SAF) was originally based off a small, local militia that was accepted by the Lords of Fusion. It is only based on land, and is the only organised military body in Syrellia.

They accept anyone, but because they are based in Sinkamma, it makes it a little difficult to recruit outsiders. Currently the Lords of Fusion, to avoid having outsiders inside Sinkamma, has closed off district recruitment.

It isn't necessary for Sinkamma inhabitants to join the SAF, generally because the SAF is weaker than the Lords. However, this is not to say that the SAF are not honoured - a member of the SAF is more likely to be awarded a medal for bravery than a member of the Lords of Fusion, partially because of the strength difference between the two, but mainly because the SAF is known for its tactical strategies and its intelligence.

In comparison to the Lords of Fusion's "charge and attack" approach to battle, the SAF is always on the lookout for new strategies and tactics. While they aren't as skilled or as efficient as Scientia Nouveau in gathering information, they can utilise what they know to great effect. It is a common in-joke that the Syrellian Armed Forces is the battle mind behind the Lords of Fusion, and even the Lords of Fusion accepts this.

The Syrellian Armed Forces is also the welfare administration in Sinkamma, since it is directly funded by the Lords of Fusion. In times of peace, members of the Syrellian Armed Forces keep an eye over the running of Sinkamma, and are pretty effective with their jobs.

Their aerial counterpart (unofficial, but generally accepted) are situated in Illudois - the Aviators of Scientia Nouveau. The naval branch of the SAF is the Eudhoth Navy, situated in Albea, where all cadets must have undergone training in the beginning of their SAF lives.