This particular race hails from the mysterious Neruthis Empire. No one knows where they came from, how they came to be, or how they live - in fact, nothing about them is known. To every person who has seen the Nar'akhrim, they seem no different - they are dressed in long robes with hoods, often with the upper half of an animal skull as a mask hiding their faces from sight. They are known to be very tall, topping at eight feet on the outside, and very, very thin and lanky - almost to the point of looking fragile.

Despite their seemingly fragile forms, the Nar'akhrim have shown a very high resilience to physical attacks. Many have claimed to have seen a Nar'akhrim regenerate parts of their body after losing them in a physical attack - however, the Nar'akhrim deny such a thing. It is not easy to know if this claim is true, as the Nar'akhrim are often dressed from head to toe. A'idhul Rahman, however, has once stated that many of the Nar'akhrim are far older than they seem to be.

Their houses are extremely strange. It is said the Nar'akhrim can manipulate the earth to create a house for themselves overnight - the manipulated earth becomes rock hard and has a deep purple shine to it, almost like a crystalline crust.

Many people often hold them in great suspicion because of how they seem to specialise in magics that have never been heard of. They seem to be experts in many of the Dark Arts, many of them infernomancers or necromancers. There seems to be an increasing number of what people call "nether warlocks" as well - of what they do, no one knows, but the Nar'akhrim have warned that Nether magic is far more terrifying than necromancy.

Until we find out more about this strange race, the Nar'akhrim will continue to be shrouded in mystery, surrounded by tales that they do not care to deny or admit. All we know is that the Nar'akhrim are firmly allied with their Empire, and the Melssentenian Republic - they have mentioned a "blood pact of alliance for eternity". They are not to be taken lightly of.