Syrellia's elves were responsible for creating a language usable for the city itself. There are two main languages used throughout the Melssentenian Republic - one is the Medar language, the universal language of Litvantar, and Syrellian, used only within the Republic itself. Syrellian is a derivative of Medar, with Elven included, and consists of three dialects based on whichever the districts prefer. They are: Syrellian Basic (Lords of Fusion) Old Syrellian (Magicka Versus) New Syrellian (Scientia Nouveau) Each dialect is a diluted derivative of Medar itself. The differences are:

Syrellian BasicEdit

  • Has borrowed Elven words
  • Sounds more fluid, elegant and polite
  • Many complex words and pronunciation
  • Uses Elvish Runes as its written script

Old SyrellianEdit

  • Has derived Rinmorian Dark Elf words
  • Sounds more like Rinmorian, with plenty of forced pronunciation
  • Many similar words - the key in the meaning lies in the pronunciation
  • Uses hieroglyphs as its written script

New SyrellianEdit

  • Borrows words from many languages outside the Republic
  • Sounds crude, but has the largest vocabulary and is the most expressive
  • Many simple words, but the possibilities of sentences are numerous
  • Uses letters as its written script

Generally all members can understand each other despite the differences, but to avoid embarrassment, it's usually advisable to use Medar directly.