The Kylaran are a race that is revered by many of the inhabitants of Sinkamma and Illudois. Hundreds of years ago, when Melssentenia was still an empire, this mysterious race was said to have arrived "on stars of fire" and introduced science to them. There are now few remaining historical accounts of the Kylaran, none with any drawings or woodcuts of the race whatsoever.

They were described to be almost eight to ten feet tall, and looked as if they were either made of silver (for the males) or gold (for the females). They were said to have four arms, and solid ice-blue eyes. The weapons they carried were tipped with blades of what seemed to be magic - but the Kylaran were said to have never used magic in their lives. When they first came, they were friendly. They had arrived to spread the word of science, it seemed. Many were sceptical at first, but some took the Kylaran's lessons to heart and stowed away notes and records of this "science".

When the Republic had been built, they had taken these records and notes out, and given them to people to work on. Again, we don't have any of these records, but today much of our technology was influenced by what they thought. Other bits of information are that the Kylaran neither ate nor drank the same way any normal person would, and that they were a proud warrior race, dedicated to spreading their science and fighting to the death against all who oppose them. They were also apparently telepathic, able to converse with other races through their minds.

A recently found document stated that the Kylaran were, in fact, looking for a new world to inhabit while they were spreading the word of science. It also shed light on the Nobles, a group within the Kylaran that were described as "super soldiers". The Kylaran were indeed powerful and highly advanced, and no one had known of their existence before their visit to Melssentenia.

They were also known to have visited the Empire of Morragane before they left Litvantar. They could not enter Neruthis because of the large amount of magic, and Faros because Faros' gates were closed to them. No one knows if they will be back to take a look at the legacy we have created from their teachings, but it is possible.