Karda Ignaman
Vital statistics
Profession Wizard
Gender Male
Race Human
Nation Melssentenia Republic
Status Deceased
Karda Ignaman is famous for being the only man who has walked out of the Catacombs alive. A wizard and one of the very few humans allowed into Magicka Versus, he was renown to be interested in the mysteries of Litvantar where his peers would not even investigate.

He first heard of the Catacombs when monsters attacked the then-new faction of Scientia Nouveau underground, causing 4 deaths and 30 casualties. Karda moved to Illudois in order to find out more information before he made the decision to enter the Catacombs and find out what really lurked underground.

His journey is recorded in his not very imaginatively titled Catacombs Log. However, it was with his log that information pertaining the city was found - important information that could be the key to unlocking the secret of the Catacombs.

As for Karda himself, he emerged from the Catacombs covered in mud and blood. He returned to Magicka Versus on advice of the previous Moon Warden and spent the rest of his life in solitude, only ever talking to the Moon Warden of his time and his close friends. For the rest of the time, he would mutter quietly about "green blood" and "the beating heart of a city". Despite that, he passed away peacefully at the age of 85, leaving behind a legacy that would prove to change Syrellia forever.