A term used to describe specific species of demons who are not of Litvantar. These demons were once part of the Oblivion astral plane, but either chose to reside in Litvantar in solid forms or were banished from the plane for various reasons.

The demons that choose to reside in Litvantar in substantial forms often were demonlords, because only they had the level of demonic magic that could create bodies for them. Not all demonlords were evil, despite the assumption the other races initially made - the demonlord of the active volcano Krakota, located in Rinmoria, protected several countries that were nestled around the base of the volcano in exchange for a biannual gift of harvested crops.

As of this era, the only known species of demon to be considered demonspawn is the Kushalyur. In brief, they were demon souls banished from Oblivion for having different temperaments and dispositions (e.g. their kind, considerate behaviour, and lack of pranks and betrayals). With the help of the rich magical field of Litvantar, they gained for themselves mortal bodies. Every Kushalyur has not forgotten their origins, and will always consider themselves to be demonspawn.