The currency of the Republic is purely coinage, and the value of each denomination is denoted by the number of coins in the previous denomination. For better clarity, 100 bronze = 1 silver 1000 silver = 1 red gold 10000 red gold = 1 crown gold Each coin has a different name for convenience: bronze = florin silver = mark red gold = half-crown crown gold = crown So in an example, an Illudois inhabitant earning about 90 florins a month and having to pay monthly rent of about 5 florins would have to eat simple meals of 1-2 florins a day and quite possibly save up for a larger but still simple meal as a treat at the end of the month for about 10 florins, keeping other expenses in mind.

Talathir BarteringEdit

In Talathir it's a little different - Talathir inhabitants prefer barter trade over handling metals, but only within their district. In interdistrict (and international) trading, they use the coins like everyone else.

Cash FlowEdit

Illudois and Talathir have the greatest number of florins and marks being exchanged in trade, while Sinkamma usually has half-crowns and crowns. Sinkamma inhabitants often have to convert their much more valuable coins into marks and florins.

Conversion Rate with RinmoriaEdit

As far as is known, the Republic's currency rate is at a consistent 1.5 in comparison to the standard Rinmorian credit - that is, 1.5 marks is equal to 1 Rinmorian credit.