The berun is a giant double-headed eagle that can only survive in regions with a very high saturation of magic. It has only ever been seen in Rinmoria and soaring in the skies above the Einlor Mountains, but once in a while they fly over the plains where the Republic is, sustained by the magical currents from the Neruthis Empire.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Observations made by Neruthis magicians in an effort to understand the bird's habits have yielded few but fairly interesting results. The berun has a wingspan of at least 20 feet and a length of 7 feet. The largest ever recorded wingspan and length has been 26 feet and 11 feet respectively. It survives on many land creatures, sometimes half its size, and is believed to raise its young on the flat areas of crags.

Recorded sightings of beruns maintain a consistent report - the berun is covered from head to toe in blue-black feathers, with a golden beak, golden irises and yellow feet with black claws. The males are recognisable by a much larger crest of feathers than the females running down the backs of their heads and tipped with blood red.


Not much is known about the berun as of this time.


The berun's call is a distinctive high-pitched drawn out cry, and is often for territorial purposes. They also have a distinctive alarm call - a high-pitched trill that, thanks to the magic resonance in the atmosphere, can be carried for hundreds of miles through the sky.

Why the berun has an alarm call, no one knows. It is clearly the master of the sky. No one has managed to understand the concept of the two heads that all berun have. Unlike many of the creatures of Litvantar, the berun is believed to be a magical creature.


Range and PopulationsEdit


In symbolism and in stories,the berun has many roles. The most common, however, is that it is a symbol of hope and survival, as well as an image of authority and absolute power. Countries have adopted the berun as their mascot or symbol for years, but it is the Melssentenian Republic that has finally earned the right to display the berun proudly on its coat of arms and flag. To this day, the Republic is also known as the Eagle of the East, much to the dismay and envy of Faros Empire.