The word originates from the Empire of Morragane, located on Etu'Phar, the largest island of Rinmoria. It is a Dark Elf word that roughly translates to "creature of the deep", and refers to the Behemoth, Leviathan and Hyiz that live on Litvantar.


According to the stories, the Behemoth lives deep under Eduria, possibly almost right next to the core of Litvantar. The Leviathan, meanwhile, slumbers in the depths of the Estinia Sea, and the Hyiz, which no one knows where it resides.

The Behemoth is said to be a great tusked creature with the hooves of a horse, the body and tail of a dragon and the horns of a bull. Like the other creatures, it apparently slumbers deep underground, although whenever it occasionally moves in its sleep, Eduria has earthquakes. No one has seen the great beast, but its existence has been confirmed.


The Leviathan is a monstrous blue-green serpent with fins as large as whales, a horse's head with gazelle's horns and, not one, but two mouths lined with teeth, surrounded by a great frill. This is the only one out of the Ahar'Kulakh that anyone has ever witnessed, when the Leviathan was disturbed from its sleep. To this day no one knows what or who caused the disturbance, but it appeared briefly when it shattered the then continent of Rinmoria.


The Hyiz, to this day, remains a mystery. Some say that it takes the form of a massive gryphon, others say it resembles the almighty black bird of prey, the Berun, except twenty times larger. It is said to have a tail that is forever aflame, but never being burned by it, with wings that could span the skies if it cared to stretch them out fully. Of the three Ahar'Kulakh, the Hyiz is considered to be the most benevolent. One of its names, isthul maiah, is the Dark Elf word for "miracle bringer", and generally if one sees a spot of light streak across the night sky, it is said that Hyiz has blessed the witness and will bring good fortune to them.